Benefits of Karate

  1. Karate teaches listening skills and encourages one to use good
  2. Karate helps you lose weight, motivates and leads youngsters to slim
  3. Speaks to your soul through meditation, joins your mind, body and spirit, helps your Body function as
  4. Training improves the practitioner’s physique and body
  5. Bolsters their self-worth and help them learn to become opinion
  6. Help them resist bullying and to have confidence in
  7. It is fun and effective means of teaching better
  8. Karate teaches you to follow reasonable rules
  9. The controlled movements of martial arts teaches you the need to think before acting and the conscious act of honing one’s response to the surroundings with Situational awareness. This all helps improve the self and the interactive nature of the sport.
  10. Offers a platform for participants to learn and practice life skills such as humility, mutual respect, sincerity and positive These together with integrity a code of behavior that Includes self-control form the maxims on which karate is based.
  11. It is pathway of developing the powers of concentration and
  12. Karate is an excellent form of self-defense.
  13. Affords the students the opportunity to reflect upon themselves and their beliefs, Attitude and
  14. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy and take part in an activity that is suitable Not only for an individual but also for competitive
  15. karate training teaches individual to be assertive and discourages aggressive and Passive
  16. In karate competition, participants are evaluated on general performance (physical, mental, educational and social abilities).
  17. Karate training teaches individuals to be strong when faced with real life
  18. It teaches that techniques in isolation are only effective when executed with courage and
  19. It teaches that part of making a mind shift including turning crisis into
  20. Makes you physically aware of your entire Lowers blood pressure and heart-rate.
  21. Brings about great health and wellness that no any other exercise regime can give
  22. Brings about increased mobility/ agility/ flexibility & increases
  23. Gives you more confidence, makes you brave & builds your character & enhances
  24. Gives you a more positive outlook on life and increases self-
  25. Gives you more both physical and mental energy and builds muscle
  26. Calms your minds and teaches you how to focus and lowers stress
  27. Self-defense is an essential life Even in the safest environment you are not 100% safe from danger Martial arts equips you with necessary skills to protect yourself and your loved ones in the face of danger. It gives you the ability to think on your feet and react calmly when faced with danger.
  28. Martial arts gives you good health. You get various health benefits such as improved strength and fitness, strong bones as well as low risk of contracting diseases. It will strengthen your heart, boost your metabolism and melt fat while toning your muscles. It also reverses aging process.
  29. Martial arts is for everyone. You don’t have to be strong, fit and muscular. Martial arts will transform you into those things. Regardless of gender. size, age, fitness level etc. Martial arts can cater for you.
  30. Martial arts gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. When you persevere and press on in the face of your challenges, there isn’t anything as rewarding as overcoming them. Martial arts will forge an unbreakable warrior spirit that you carry along with you all aspects of life.
  31. It gets you into the best shape of your life no matter your age. Martial arts promotes continuous self-improvement, your priority is to improve slightly every day. As a result, you will constantly be working towards becoming a better version of who you wish to become in life.