A Martial Arts Academy with Kenpo Karate as the main martial arts style. Currently on top of Martial Art Schools in Kenya and in East and Central Africa.

The best Martial Arts School for Sports Karate, Certificate Karate, and self-defense.

Offers Boxing Training with highly qualified Boxing Coaches.

We have a spacious gym section for weight training and general gym services.


You can visit Nairobi Kenpo karate by online registration by filling an online form. A non-refundable fee of Ksh 1500 is charged for registration. You can also visit our school on Terry House, 1 st Floor, Mfangano Street and fill the registration form.

We train from Monday to Saturday in the morning and evening. Our training schedule in available on the following link


The word karate derives from a Japanese word meaning empty hand-implying empty of all evil intentions.

Karate is refined. It is characterized by the stylized controlled and creative performance of techniques and agility and strength of the body  Read More

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