The Nairobi Kenpo Karate school started in 2009 as Great Body Kenpo karate. It started with 95% students as karate beginners apart from Nuh Bakari and Majid Wachira as the only experienced students were already Kenpo karate black belts from other Kenpo club. Most of our first students were big bodied and their primary need was to lose weight. They were the uptight office guys who did not want to do martial art for competition but for weight loss, fun and later on gain fighting skill for self-defense

As a coach who had specialized in training guys on competitive martial arts, I had some difficulties on how to balance my training programmes to suit my new clients needed. However, once we started off, we got our priorities clear and by the time we were one year into training almost every one of my students was so confident about the skill and the training they underwent that they were all asking for competition. We did go for competition and the students did extremely well that even those that were still in doubt about their ability to compete become confident enough to compete with this high spirit in competition and learning martial art skills, the club was established. The issue of weight loss become secondary to them because guys would automatically lose weight without necessarily putting so much focus on that. We have never looked back and the school has continued to grow. Presently the school has managed to produce four on form black belts with more than six other students getting to assistant instructor levels.


The coach is a third degree black belt with a perfect competition record. His students are among the best competitors in annual karate competitions that normally happens twice a year. He is a perfectionist and a physical fitness maniac with continuous vigorous physical training, his students are strong and all round fighter that even with a superior skill it’s difficult for you to beat them.